Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024 complete details

Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024: Bajaj Auto Limited approved on January 4th 2024 a buyback plan that involved buying back 40 lakh equity shares at Rs 10,000 each for an aggregate sum not to exceed Rs 4 billion crore.

Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024 complete details

What is Bajaj Auto Buyback?

Bajaj Auto Buyback, one of India’s premier automobile manufacturers, allows customers to sell back their existing Bajaj vehicle at a predetermined price in an easy, hassle-free process, giving them access to upgraded options at Bajaj.

How does it work?

The Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024 program is designed to make the process of selling your old Bajaj vehicle and purchasing a new one as convenient as possible.

  1. Contact your nearest Bajaj Auto dealership guy to express your interest in the Buyback program and enroll in it.
  2. The dealership will evaluate your existing Bajaj vehicle based on your vehicle condition, age, and other factors.
  3. If he will satisfied with the buyback price, you can proceed with purchase of a new Bajaj vehicle.
  4. The buyback vehicle price will be adjusted as per the cost of the new vehicle, reducing the amount you need to pay some more amount and then the new vehicle will be yours.

What you can get from this Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024 program

The Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024 program offers several benefits for their customers which can be you if you have a Bajaj vehicle:

  • Contact your nearby Bajaj Auto dealer and express your desire for participation in their Buyback Program.
  • Your Bajaj vehicle will be assessed based on its condition, age and other relevant aspects at our dealership.
  • Once completed, the dealership will give you a buyback price for your vehicle.
  • If your buyback price meets with your approval, then the next step can be purchasing a brand-new Bajaj vehicle.
  • Buyback prices will be adjusted against the cost of purchasing your new vehicle, thus decreasing how much is due for payment.

Things needed to enrollee:

To participate in the Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024 program, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be the registered owner of a Bajaj vehicle that is eligible for the Buyback program.
  • The vehicle should be in a reasonably good condition, with no major damages or mechanical issues.
  • The vehicle should not be more than a certain number of years old, as specified by Bajaj Auto.
  • All shareholders holding Bajaj Auto shares in demat or physical form on the record date will be eligible to participate in this buyback offer.
  • Bajaj Auto has set aside 15% of its buyback offer size as an incentive to small shareholders whose holding in Bajaj Auto did not exceed Rs 2 lakh on record date.

Bajaj Auto Limited Financial Details (Restated Consolidated)

Between March 31, 2022, and March 31, 2023, Bajaj Auto Limited’s profit after tax (PAT) decreased by -1.71% while its revenue climbed by 9.34%.

Period Ended31 Mar 202331 Mar 202231 Mar 2021
Profit After Tax6,060.216,165.874,857.02
Net Worth
Reserves and Surplus25,142.9026,379.4324,912.89
Total Borrowing
Amount in ₹ Crore

Details of the buyback offer:

Buyback Size40 lakh equity shares
Buyback PriceRs 10,000 per share
Total Offer SizeRs 4,000 crore
Type of BuybackOpen market tender offer
Record DateTo be announced
Tender Opening DateTo be announced
Tender Closing DateTo be announced
Payment DateTo be announced

Here are some additional points for you to be consider note:

  • Acceptance ratio for buyback offers will be determined based on how many shares have been tendered and the size of their buyback offer.
  • If the number of tendered shares exceeds the buyback offer size, they will be purchased proportionately.
  • Buyback offer you a way to market and regulatory conditions and approvals by which you can company both can benefit.


The Bajaj Auto Buyback 2024 program offer is only for Bajaj vehicle owners an exciting opportunity to upgrade vehicle and take advantage of all its convenient services . by Participating you will make selling and upgrading to a new Bajaj vehicle; simply contact one of your nearest dealerships person any be a new Bajaj vehicle owner.

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