Brisk Technovision GMP Today (Grey Market Premium)

Brisk Technovision GMP details: As for now the current GMP is ₹35 and the current suda rate is ₹21300

Brisk Technovision GMP

Understanding Grey Market Premium

Grey Market Premium refers to the difference between the cost of shares traded before being officially listed on a stock exchange and their actual listing price in an unofficial market known as grey trading, or pre-listed trading, providing an indication of investor sentiment and demand.

Brisk Technovision’s GMP Today

Brisk Technovision currently enjoys a Grey Market Premium value of [-]. This indicates that demand for Brisk Technovision shares on the grey market exceeds their listing price with its exchange, suggesting positive investor sentiment and trust in Brisk’s future prospects.

Investors frequently look at Grey Market Premium as a barometer of potential listing price of company shares, with higher GMP values suggesting the listing price might surpass issue price – making an appealing proposition for potential investors.

Factors Influencing GMP

Grey Market Premium can vary significantly based on several factors that include overall market sentiment, the company’s financial performance, industry trends and investor perception. As it fluctuates based on market conditions it must always be kept in mind that GMP may change.

Prior to making any investment decisions, investors must carefully consider the Grey Market Premium and conduct detailed research. It may be worthwhile consulting a financial adviser or performing independent analyses in order to ascertain risks and returns associated with investing in Brisk Technovision or any other company.

Brisk Technovision IPO details:-CLICK HERE

Brisk Technovision, an IT solutions provider to corporate clients, will raise Rs12.48 crores through an SME IPO on January 22-24th with shares costing Rs156 each going on sale between these dates and listing on BSE SME expected on the 30th. While not offering growth capital to Brisk itself directly, this offer for sale does provide liquidity to existing shareholders while offering Brisk increased visibility and potential market advantages.

Brisk Technovision GMP updated rates:

DateGMPSubject to
21 January
20 January
19 January

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

What is Brisk Technovision IPO GMP Today?

Brisk Technovision IPO GMP Today ₹-

What is Brisk Technovision IPO Subject to Sauda Today?

Brisk Technovision IPO Subject to Sauda Today is ₹-

What is Brisk Technovision IPO Expected Returns?

Brisk Technovision IPO Expected Returns will be 150%

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