Harshdeep Hortico GMP Today (Grey Market Premium)

Harshdeep Hortico GMP Details: As per today the GMP rate is ₹15 per share and hope you know if not i would like to know you that GMP is unpredictable.

Harshdeep Hortico GMP 1
  • GMP (Grey Market Premium): ₹15 per share.
  • Kostak Rate: ₹- (Currently Unavailable).
  • Subject to Sauda Rates: ₹- (Currently Unavailable).
  • Expected Return: 33%.

If you don’t know about IPO Read it otherwise you can skip.

  • The IPO subscription period for Harshdeep Hortico is January 25th to January 30th, 2024 in which all the processes will be completed like open, close, listing, allotment, refund and much more.
  • GMP is an unofficial data which is an indicator of potential market sentiment for the IPO and can be unpredictable.
  • Actual listing price and returns might be different from the current GMP rate so don’t relay on GMP completely.

Harshdeep Hortico GMP: Updated Rates

GMP DateGMPSubject to Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
Today₹15  ₹34200₹60 (33.33%)
30-01-2024₹15  ₹34200₹60 (33.33%)
29-01-2024₹12  ₹27400₹57 (26.67%)
28-01-2024₹45 (0%)
27-01-2024₹45 (0%)
26-01-2024₹45 (0%)
25-01-2024₹45 (0%)

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Information provided in this article should only be seen as general guidance, not specific advice for investing. Investing in initial public offerings (IPOs) entails risks; investors should carefully assess their personal situation and risk tolerance before making investment decisions you will be responsible for your own action we are not a guide of you wallet.

Any GMP rates mentioned may change with market observations – Harshdeep Hortico does not endorse or recommend specific investment decisions and for personalized guidance please seek professional financial advice from qualified advisors.

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Frequently Asked Question faqs:

What is Harshdeep Hortico GMP Today?

The Harshdeep Hortico GMP is ₹15but as it changes it can be different tomorrow.

Harshdeep Hortico IPO Expected Returns?

Expected Returns can be of a 33%.

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