Is apple watches banned in USA?

Is apple watches banned in USA? NO, for the time certain Apple Watch models (Series 9 and Ultra 2) only

Issue related to apple watches:

Is apple watches banned

Patent Infringement Dispute:

  • What’s is the problem? Medical technology company Masimo alleges Apple infringed upon certain patents related to blood oxygen measurement technology used in certain Apple Watch models (Series 9 and Ultra 2) by infringing upon these patents related to oxygen measurement technologies used for blood oxygen measurements in certain Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches.


  1. On November 7th 2018, the International Trade Commission ruled in Masimo’s favor and this led to:
  2. Import Ban: New Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches cannot be imported to the US from other countries.
  3. Domestic Sales Ban: Sales of these models within the US were temporarily put on pause due to Apple’s appeals process; they remain suspended as an outcome of Apple’s efforts.
  4. Apple rejects patent infringement allegations made by the company  and plans on appealing the ITC ruling.


  • United States residents will likely find limited selection of Series 9 and Ultra 2 models equipped with blood oxygen features.
  • The outcome of the legal cases between company will decide if import and domestic sales restrictions remain permanent or temporary.

Accuracy of Health Features:

what are the Issue? Concerns have been voiced regarding the accuracy of certain health features found on Apple Watches – specifically fall detection and ECG reading capabilities – including fall detection and ECG reading capability.

Apple’s response:

  • Highlight the limitations of features and seek professional medical advice before diagnosing.
  • Continued enhancement through software updates and with define me.

Additional notes:

  • Issues only relate to Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 sales within the United States; other models or sales outside this region remain unaffected.
  • Situation surrounding patent infringement dispute remains uncertain and could change with legal proceedings underway.
  • Debates surrounding health feature accuracy continues, as studies and potential software changes from Apple are being undertaken.

Accuracy of Apple Watches:

Determining the accuracy of Apple Watches depends on the specific feature and context of use. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Feature:Accuracy Range:Factors Affecting Accuracy:
Heart Rate:+/- 5% for most users, up to +/- 10% for high-intensity workoutsSkin tone, movement, wearing position, temperature
Pace & Distance:GPS models: +/- 5%, Cellular models: +/- 10%Signal strength, terrain, environmental factors
Calories Burned:+/- 15-20%Individual metabolism, activity type, effort level
Sleep Tracking:Light/deep sleep detection accuracy: 70-80%, total sleep time: +/- 15%Sleep stages, movement during sleep, environmental factors
Fall Detection:90-95% accuracy for real falls, but false positives can occurSudden movements, activities mimicking falls, wearing position
ECG:Can detect atrial fibrillation with 98% accuracy, less accurate for other conditionsAge, fitness level, underlying heart conditions

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