Italian Edibles GMP Complete Details (grey market premium)

Italian Edibles GMP Details: As of today, 4nd February, 2024, the current GMP of Italian Edibles is ₹20 as of today.

Italian Edibles GMP

what is Italian Edibles GMP and why you need it?

Italian Edibles’ GMP (grey market premium), more commonly referred to as Kostak Rate, represents an unofficial price at which its shares trade on the grey market before officially listing on an exchange for trading.

Market sentiment analysis may provide investors with insight into an initial public offering (IPO), giving greater clarity into Italian Edibles stock once listed on an exchange.

GMP should never serve as the only basis for making investments decisions.

GMP Is Unreliable: GMP does not act as an official indicator; rather, its figures come from illegal trading in niche markets that may be volatile and susceptible to manipulation.

Due to Italian Edibles’ recent listing and low trading volume/participation levels, its GMP may not accurately represent market sentiment.

Italian Edibles GMP Updated rates:

GMP DateGMPSubject to Sauda RateEstimated Listing Price
Today₹20₹30400₹88 (29.41%)
4 February2024₹20₹30400₹88 (29.41%)
3 February2024₹20₹30400₹88 (29.41%)
2 February2024₹20₹30400₹88 (29.41%)
1 February2024₹20₹30400₹88 (29.41%)
31January2024₹68 (0%)
30January2024₹ (0%)

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Information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be considered an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any Italian Edibles IPO or about money dealing details. Details based on preliminary data could change over time.

Investment in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) carries with it certain speculative and risky considerations, and projections regarding Italian Edibles Grey Market Premium (GMP) or listing gains should not be seen as guarantees or assurances of returns. Investors should consult their financial adviser in order to ascertain individual risk tolerance levels.

Italian Edibles reserves the right to alter any element of their IPO structure as necessary; this document should not be seen as an offer in areas where that would be illegal; regulatory approval will need to take place prior to proceeding with an Italian Edibles IPO process.

By reading this Italian Edibles page information, you acknowledge that you are reading and accepting this disclaimer. Investing involves risks; past performance should not be seen as indicative of future results.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Italian Edibles IPO GMP Today?

As of today the GMP rate is ₹20.

What is Italian Edibles IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today?

Italian Edibles IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today ₹30400.

Italian Edibles IPO Expected Returns?

Italian Edibles IPO Expected Returns are 29.41%.

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