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Maxposure GMP(Grey market price) trading typically begins four to five days prior to an IPO and continues until listing date. Maxposure Ltd already has GMP data from two days, providing us with an accurate picture of its likely listing.

Maxposure GMP can be affected by two main factors. First is market conditions – particularly liquidity in the markets. Subscription to an IPO also has an enormous bearing on its GMP; an increase indicates greater investor enthusiasm for it and therefore may cause it to move downward. GMP could even fall below zero meaning listings occur at discounted rates from its issue price.

Be mindful that Maxposure GMP is only an informal price point; in most instances it provides an accurate indication of demand and supply during an IPO, giving an idea of the likely results and post-listing performance of stock listings.

Maxposure GMP

Maxposure provides current data regarding their current performance:

  • Stock Price: To check their stock prices, visit either NSE SME website or various financial portals such as Moneycontrol or Bloomberg.
  • Market News and Analysis: Stay abreast of market analysis reports covering Maxposure’s performance, industry trends and future prospects by subscribing to news articles or research reports that are released periodically by publications like USA Today or others.

Maxposure IPO details in brief:

Maxposure IPO Details: Maxposure’s initial public offering date has been decided upon: it will open for business on January 15, 2024 and close two days later on January 17, 2024 on NSE IPO platform. Maxposure plans on raising Rs20.26 crores through their offering price band between Rs31-Rs33 for 4000 shares traded per market lot lot lot of 4000.

For more details/

Maxposure GMP updated rates:

DateGMPPrice RangeExpected Gains
15-Jan-24₹50₹31 – ₹33151.52%
14-Jan-24₹50₹31 – ₹33151.52%
13-Jan-24₹50₹31 – ₹33151.52%
12-Jan-24₹36₹31 – ₹33109.09%
11-Jan-24₹36₹31 – ₹33109.09%
10-Jan-24₹24₹31 – ₹3372.73%
9-Jan-24₹5₹31 – ₹3315.15%
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Information provided here is for educational purposes and should not be considered an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any IPO, money deling details or financial products. Detailed estimates could change over time as more data becomes available.

Investment in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) involves both speculation and risk; projections regarding Grey Market Premium (GMP) or listing gains should not be seen as guarantees or assurances of returns. Investors should consult their financial adviser to assess individual risk tolerance levels.

The company reserves the right to make modifications as necessary; this document should not be seen as an offer in areas where that would be illegal; regulatory approval must first be secured prior to embarking upon an IPO process.

By reading the information presented on this page, you agree and accept this disclaimer. Investing involves risks; past performance should not be seen as indicative of future outcomes.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

What is Maxposure IPO GMP Today?

Maxposure IPO GMP is ₹50 as of today.

What is Maxposure IPO Subject to Sauda Today?

Maxposure IPO Subject to Sauda is ₹150,000 as of today.

What is Maxposure IPO Expected Returns?

Maxposure IPO Expected Returns is 152%.

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Maxposure GMP Today

Maxposure GMP Today

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