Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO GMP, Price, Date 2024

Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Kostak rate updates of the Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO can be found here, providing real-time insights. Bidding will begin for this offering from January 20, 2024 until its conclusion January, 2024 with equity shares priced between Rs… to Rs… per equity share anticipated being sold, raising an estimated total of approximately Rs… crore in proceeds. Stay a breast of changing GMP regulations by staying abreast of timely updates that provides invaluables insight into shifting market sentiment regarding Medi Assist Healthcare Services offerings.

As Medi Assist Healthcare Services prepares its public issue, investors can anticipate participating in its bidding process which begins January 24 and runs to January 25, 2024. Pricing strategies range between Rs… and Rs… per equity share and aim to raise up to Rs… crore; stay connected for real-time updates regarding GMP details so as to remain apprised of market dynamics and fluctuations related to Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO GMP!

Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO GMP, Price

About Medi Assist Healthcare

Medi Assist Healthcare, an iconic Indian healthcare and insurance-tech player, manages health benefits for companies, individual policyholders and government programs – such as claim processing, hospital networks and wellness initiatives tailored to corporate clientele. Individually, Medi Assist provides cashless hospitalization and other perks through their vast network. Their reach extends far beyond India with partnerships in over 138 countries around the globe – they even held an IPO this past April! Their tech-driven approach keeps things running efficiently so whether you’re an employer in search of employee healthcare solutions, an individual looking for insurance policies or simply curious to explore a global healthcare powerhouse like this one… Medi Assist might just be worth consider.

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Medi Assist Healthcare IPO Details

Starting January 2024, an initial public offering (IPO) will become accessible for prospective bidders to participate. Bidders have until January 2024 to participate in this offering process. This short timeframe gives entities interested in participating a unique chance.

Medi Assist Healthcare IPO Dates10 – 12 Jan 2024 (Tentative date)
Medi Assist Healthcare IPO Price₹397 to ₹418 per equity
Fresh issueNIL
Offer For Sale28,028,168 shares
Total IPO size28,028,168 shares
Minimum bid (lot size)Approx ₹1,172 Crores
Face Value INR 5 per share
Retail Allocation35%
Listing OnBSE, NSE

Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO GMP

At present, Medi Assist Healthcare Services’ Grey Market Premium (GMP) stands at Rs0 Price reflecting an unchanged level of demand in unofficial market for shares from this company.

Table in Coming Soon GMP

Medi Assist Healthcare Services Valuations & Margins

FY 2021FY 2022FY 2023
PE ratio
RONW (%)12.9918.7119.63
ROCE (%)20.4322.0224.95
EBITDA (%)28.4827.1925.70

Medi Assist Healthcare Services Financial Reports (2020-2023)

YearRevenue (Cr.)Profit Before Tax (Cr.)Net Profit (Cr.)

Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO application limit

The minimum application threshold for an initial public offering (IPO) has been established at one lot for bidders, giving retail investors flexibility in applying up to one lot at once. This structure facilitates versatile participation in this initial public offering process.

Medi Assist Healthcare Services Offer News BSE

Medi Assist Healthcare IPO Dates & Listing 2024

Medi Assist Healthcare IPO Opening DateJanuary 15, 2024
Medi Assist Healthcare IPO Closing DateJanuary 17, 2024
Finalization of Basis of AllotmentJanuary 18, 2024
Initiation of refundsJanuary 19, 2024
Transfer of shares to demat accountsJanuary 19, 2024
Medi Assist Healthcare IPO Listing DateJanuary 19, 2024

Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO: Pros and Cons

Medi Assist, India’s premier third-party administrator (TPA), is gearing up for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Now i will provide you Pro & Con This Company Medi Assist Healthcare Services

Strong market position (largest TPA in India)Offer for sale (no capital raise for company)
Growing healthcare marketValuation concerns
Technology-driven approachIncreasing competition
Brand recognitionRegulatory uncertainty


Strong market position: India’s healthcare giant, Medi Assist, dominates with massive 226 million+ lives served and 14k+ hospitals.

Growing healthcare market: Booming medical needs drive a $500 billion healthcare future in India.

Technology-driven approach: Leverages tech to streamline admin, boost efficiency, attract tech-savvy investors.

Brand recognition: Dominant healthcare player, instant recall, edge in competitive market.


Offer for sale: No capital gain for company, limited growth potential, raises valuation concerns.

Valuation concerns: Pricey tag might not match future growth, raising doubt about investor returns.

Increasing competition: Rising rivals in the TPA market threaten Medi Assist’s market share, potentially squeezing margins and slowing future growth.

Regulatory uncertainty: Shifting healthcare regulations in India raise compliance risks for Medi Assist, potentially impacting operations, profitability, and investor confidence. This uncertainty could dampen growth and pose legal challenges.

Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO Form:

How can I submit an IPO application of Medi Assist Healthcare Services? You have two choices when applying to their initial public offering (IPO). Either use ASBA facility of your bank account by logging online and filing under “Invest” section; or download forms from NSE/BSE websites and submit through them.

Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO registrar

Link Intime India Private Ltd was given the responsibility of acting as the Registrar for Medi Assist Healthcare Services, to ensure a streamlined process between all stakeholders involved.

Investors and market analysts alike are closely following developments surrounding Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO as it allows them to assess market reaction. Subscription data and final oversubscription figures will offer valuable insight into demand for AIK Pipes And Polymers’s shares as well as investor sentiment overall.

Medi Assist Healthcare Services’ initial public offering (IPO) has generated tremendous excitement due to their strong presence in engineering and design services sector, along with diverse client base spanning various industries.

C-101, 1st Floor, 247 Park L.B.S. Marg,
Vikhroli West, Mumbai – 400 083, Maharashtra
Telephone: (+91) 810 811 4949
Email: [email protected]

Type of IssueOffer for Sale (OFS) of 2.8 crore shares.
Book Running Lead ManagersAxis Capital Ltd., IIFL Securities Ltd., SBI Capital Markets Ltd., and Nuvama Wealth Management Ltd.
Proposed ListingBSE and NSE.

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Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO Track the Progress

Medi Assist Healthcare Services Company Promoters

  • Dr. Vikram Jit Singh Chhatwal
  • Medimatter Health Management Private Limited
  • Bessemer Health Capital LLC
  • Type of Issue: Offer for Sale (OFS) of 2.8 crore shares.
  • Book Running Lead Managers: Axis Capital Ltd., IIFL Securities Ltd., SBI Capital Markets Ltd., and Nuvama Wealth Management Ltd.
  • Proposed Listing: BSE and NSE.

Company Address

Head OfficeOffice No- 4, 2nd Floor, 3/C, Centre Court Building, 5th, Park Rd, Raj Bhavan Colony, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001, India
Noida Office1st Floor, H8M9+677, Block D, Sector 3, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India
Chandigarh Office(Information not provided)

Medi Assist Healthcare Services FAQs

What is the revenue of Medi Assist?

Medi Assist, India’s largest health benefits administrator, boasts revenue exceeding $64.7 million in 2023.

Which is the largest TPA in India?

Medi Assist is currently the largest TPA in India, handling ~20% of all health insurance claims.

Who owns Medi Assist?

Founded by Satish Gidugu, Medi Assist has private equity & investor backing like Bessemer Health & Investcorp.

Who is the CEO of Medi Assist?

Satish V. N. Gidugu leads Medi Assist as CEO and Whole Time Director.

What is Medi Assist Healthcare IPO GMP today?

Medi Assist Healthcare’s IPO hasn’t opened yet, therefore there’s no GMP available. Stay for updates.

What is Medi Assist Healthcare kostak rate today?

Medi Assist Healthcare kostak rate today is INR 0 per application.

How to apply in Medi Assist Healthcare Public Offer?

Medi Assist Healthcare Services you can easy apply with the help of Upstox,Zerodha.


Although much has been spoken of regarding Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO, it’s essential that you assess everything on its own before diving in – only invest what you can afford to lose, please!

Hopefull this article provided you with useful insight on how the Medi Assist Healthcare Services IPO allotment process works and good luck to investors who take part – may your investments prove fruitful!

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