Purvashare IPO Allotment Status: A Guide to Checking

Purvashare IPO Allotment Status: After applying for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), the excitement and anticipation surrounding allotment is exhilarating – until application period closes and investors wait in suspense until allotted shares become available to them. At that point, their thoughts quickly turn towards “Did I get my share?”

If you recently registered with PurvaShare Registrar of India to apply for an IPO, this article serves as your essential guide for checking allotment status. We’ll explore various methods available and address your inquiries – giving you all of the knowledge to successfully navigate this crucial stage in your investment journey.

Purvashare IPO Allotment Status

How can you check your PurvaShare IPO allotment status?

There are two main ways to check your allocation status:

1. Online:

  • Visit Purvashare at this address: http://purvashare.com/queries/
  • Click “IPO Query” under the Investor Services tab.
  • Choose an IPO name from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter your Application or Pan Number below.
  • Hit “Submit”, and your allotment details – including shares allotted, refund amounts (if applicable), and category details will appear before your eyes.

2. Offline:

  • Your broker or bank may also provide the information that pertains to your allotment through online platforms or by directly contacting them.

Checking your Purvashare IPO allotment status:

PurvaShare Website: For reliable allotment status checkup, PurvaShare’s official and most trustworthy platform is PurvaShare itself. Simply head to their “Investor Services” section, navigate to “IPO Query,” select your IPO from the drop-down menu, enter your application number or PAN number and your allotment details will be shown on screen!

Demat Account: Many Demat account providers provide online access to view the allotment status of an IPO allotment. Simply login, navigate to “Transactions” or “IPO,” select your specific IPO and view its allotment details, including how many shares were allotted and blocked amounts.

Bank Account: Certain banks also provide online access to IPO allotment details. To use this feature, contact your bank and follow their specific instructions to view it.

Purvashare IPO Allotment Status: Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I haven’t received any allotment details?

Be patient! Allotment processes often take some time. Wait until the anticipated allotment date mentioned in your IPO prospectus (typically several days post issue close), and if no information has come through by then please reach out to either your broker or PurvaShare directly for help.

What does “blocked amount” mean?

The “blocked amount” refers to any funds held temporarily in your account for covering the costs associated with any alloted shares you might receive or selling your allotted shares prior to listing. It will be unblocked and returned back if either option doesn’t materialise and/or you sell before listing occurs.

What happens if I don’t receive any shares?

If the IPO fails to deliver shares to you, your blocked amount will be unblocked and returned back into your account within days – giving you more funds available for other investments.

Remember: Checking your PurvaShare IPO allotment status is a simple process with the right information and tools. Stay informed, be patient, and good luck with your investment journey!

Bonus Tip: Keep your application number and PAN number close at hand so you can easily access allotment information.


Hope this article was beneficial. If any further queries about PurvaShare’s IPO allotment status arise, feel free to leave your thoughts as comments below!

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