US and UK Airstrikes on Yemen’s Houthis Details

US and UK Airstrikes on Yemen’s Houthis Details: On February 3rd, the United States and United Kingdom initiated military strikes against 36 Houthi facilities in Yemen in an immediate response to Iranian-backed insurgent assaults such as drone attacks over Jordan that claimed three US soldier lives; it marked round two of attacks conducted against these facilities.

US and UK Airstrikes on Yemens Houthis

Houthi rebel group has responded to Israel and Hamas bombings by threatening that its ships in Red Sea will be attacked until both Israel and Hamas come to an agreement about ending their dispute. Yemen continues to experience high regional tensions as various parties and complex geopolitical motives come into play during its crisis. Yemen Civil War:

Since 2015 Yemen has been engaged in civil warfare between internationally recognized governments supported by Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels who control much of northern Yemeni regions.

Iran Response:

Foreign Ministry: Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kan’ani called the strikes “another strategic mistake” by the US and UK. He denounced them as a violation of Yemen’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, international law, and the UN Charter. He further argued that the attacks would only escalate tensions and instability in the region.

President Raisi: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called the strikes “a continuation of the criminal policies of the US and UK in the region,” adding that they would “complicate the already dire situation in Yemen.”

US and UK Airstrikes on Yemen’s Houthis background key factors:

Iran’s Role: Iran has provided weapons and training to Houthi rebels, prompting Washington and Saudi Arabia to accuse it of destabilizing the area with groups like Al Nusra.

Tension Elevation: Houthi militants have greatly escalated attacks against Saudi and Emirati ships in Red Sea waters in recent months, prompting US and UK responses, such as targeted drone strikes targeting US personnel killed by Houthis militants in Jordan; further exacerbating tensions.

Reactions Internationally: The international community has called on Yemen’s civil warring parties to end it through peaceful means; yet all attempts at peaceful negotiation have proved futile due to continued hostilities between warring factions as well as lack of trust between parties involved.

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