What is their in Budget 2024 for Social welfare and development

Social welfare and development: Social development entails providing people with tools for improving their lives; social welfare provides essential necessities of life to those in need. Social welfare programs assist those without access to housing, healthcare, food, education or employment support who would otherwise go without.

Budget 2024 for Social welfare and development

What is their in Budget 2024 for Social welfare and development:

  1. Ongoing Support of Current Programs:
  • Budget priorities prioritize maintaining essential social welfare programs such as:
  • Anganwadi Scheme: Pregnant mothers and their children receive nutrition and childcare services through this scheme.
  • Mantri Pradhan Low-income households can apply for health coverage under the Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY).
  • Midday Meal Program (MMP): Provides hot lunches to pupils attending public schools.
  1. Empowerment of Women: Promoting entrepreneurial and skill-development efforts among female businesspeople. Addressing  violence and protecting women and children as highest priorities.
  1. Acquiring and honing skills: Expanding access to high-quality education for everyone – particularly female students – remains paramount. Prioritize vocational and skill training programs to increase employability.
  1. Creation of Livelihoods: Microbusiness and self-help organizations need our support. Employment possibilities in rural regions are made more available thanks to programs like NREGA.
  1. Nutrition : Preventing malnutrition among adolescents. Expanding access to reasonably priced medical care.
  1. Social Security Bridges and highways serve the same goal: governments invest significant financial resources into their construction and upkeep to facilitate commodity movement, pedestrian access and overall mobility.
  2. Trains: Just as an effective public transportation system connects and transports goods across a country, so too do well-maintained trains. Imagine an internet and communications infrastructure being seen as necessities with resources allocated specifically towards increasing both numbers and quality.
  3. Energy Efficient Appliances for your House: Switching over to renewable and sustainable energies like solar or wind power by purchasing energy-efficient appliances is similar to investing in renewable energies like solar or wind power; today when people talk of investing they usually refer to new furniture and tools.
  4. Railways: Quality railroads connect and move people and goods across national boundaries like an efficient public transportation system does. Imagine a world in which reliable communication services like email are essential components to life; funds should be set aside to increase both their quantity and quality.
  5. Energy: Switching to more energy-efficient home equipment is like switching to renewable sources like solar or wind energy – they both help preserve our natural environment while simultaneously producing electricity for use at home.

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